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6 Sense Technology


This is a recent innovation in field of advance feedback controlled Electro surgical Technology. System maintains the set power over wider range of tissue by sensing -voltage, current, power, tissue density, patient return electrode monitoring and leakage RF current- at “2000 TIMES” per second.


  • Minimizes dragging of electrodes in different tissues
  • No need to adjust the power setting as the tissue changes
  • 50% less thermal damage than conventional ESU’s
  • Minimizes the patient recovery time
  • Reduces the risk of collateral tissue damage
  • Minimum RF noise in other OT equipments
  • Reduces the risk of neuromuscular stimulation
  • Less charring and sparking hence precise & clean cutting

Randomized Spray COAG


In conventional spray coag, beam tends to follow the same path left by previous spark resulting in non uniform coagulation over larger area. By randomizing spray frequency & amplitude, spark tends to take multiple paths covering larger area.


  • Starts the sparking from longer distance
  • Uniform & homogeneous coagulation over large surface area at lower power settings
  • Less tissue necrosis & carbonization
  • Increases the speed of coagulation
  • Reduces the output voltages
  • Drastically improves the performance when combined with Argon enhanced ESUs

PREM Safety

Patient Return Electrode Monitoring – PREM - is the care & safety against the return electrode site burns. This ensures burn-free electrosurgery using DUAL AREA patient return electrode by continuous monitoring the contact quality with the patient. PREM system gives an audio-visual alarm and stops the RF output ensuring the safe procedure.

Effect Modes

  • Cut Modes : Achieves consistent cutting in all types of tissues by 6SENSE Technology.
  • SP Cut / Low Cut : Offers precision cutting at lower voltages, hence suitable for delicate cutting process where adjacent tissue damage should be minimum such as Neuro or ENT. This also reduces capacitive coupling in endoscopy hence suitable for such procedures
  • Pure Cut : Suitable for clean & precisely controlled consistent cutting in all types of tissues. Minimum Dragging effect, useful for TURP
  • Blended Cut : Consistent cutting power delivery with effective coagulation through a wide range of tissue types, reduces re-bleeding
  • Coag Modes : These modes offer every range of coagulation ability for modern surgeries
  • Desiccate : Specifically designed for contact coagulation at lower voltages, hence suitable for Neuro, ENT & Endoscopy cases
  • Fulgurate : Suitable for non contact coagulation with moderate sparking in variety of applications such as cardiothoracic surgeries
  • Spray Coag : Non touch coagulation for large areas with minimum depth of tissue damage & necrosis. Useful in Liver Cancer & Trauma
  • Bipolar Modes : Delivers optimum Bipolar performance for improved coagulation
  • Micro /Precise Bipolar : This mode offers clinical precision at lower voltages, prevent Sparking and reduce adjacent tissue damage used in Neuro, ENT, Ophthalmic surgery
  • Standard Bipolar : Suitable for most of bipolar processes with optimized Coagulation
  • Macro Bipolar / Bipolar Cutting : This mode offers smart control over consistent CUTTING effects in all types of tissues. Output is specifically designed for today's new generation of cutting instruments, bipolar needles and hooks

2Si Coag

This is the unique feature of Shalya series, which system delivers two simultaneous coagulation outputs at a time with independent control. Two surgeons can work at a time on different surgical area in a same case with flexibility as using seperate ESU. This makes the system more useful in cardiovascular & trauma surgeries. (Optional feature in Shalya TURoSeal)

Smart Pulse Cut


For polypectomy & papillotomy, cutting is smartly divided in cut & pause, so that coagulation occurs in each pause. The system is intelligent to change the pause interval as tissue density changes, hence produces fine cutting with coagulation effect.


Smart Pulse Cut : Change in cut & pause as tissue demands d1, d2, d3 are dependent on the tissue impedance.

Auto Bipolar Alarm


BiCoag Alarm : Audio feedback after completion of Bipolar Coag, reduces charring and sticking.

EasyBib : Automatic Start & Stop of Bipolar current by tissue sensing without foot switch activation.

Remote Power & Mode Settings

Surgeon can change power and mode settings of ESU directly from sterile surgical field using conventional hand switching electrosurgical pencil.

Argon Upgradable


Argon delivery along with electrosurgical RF current allows efficient non - contact, uniform superficial and faster coagulation for better clinical results. Very effective for superficial & high impedance tissue and reduces collateral tissue damage, hence suitable to use with delicate tissue.


  • Uniform & faster coagulation
  • Very effective for superficial & high impedance tissue such as bones, cancer fatty tissues
  • Reduces collateral tissue damage, hence suitable to use with delicate tissue
  • Reduces smoke
  • System stops Argon delivery & ESU output if any of the system is not ready or fault condition in handshake mode

UEM - Ultrasound Electrosurigcal Module : System can be connected to work with ultrasonic surgical Aspirator system in Sp. Cut and Soft Coag modes.

Smart Surgical Assistant


User set able and Preset Programs : This helps you in setting up the system very fast after turning ON.


By pressing PROGRAM key, power setting display shows procedure’s name or number of program. After selection of required program, press RECALL just once to set system for selected application.

Self Diagnosis

System features the self diagnostic function during self test at the time of starting ON to ensure smooth functioning. As soon as fault is detected, it gives alarm and error code is displayed. Refer the Service manual may be referred to rectify the error.

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